The countdown is on for Christmas. So we’re getting ready for Christmas events and projects!


Today in Mana Ako Club we have started gathering information around some events and projects we’d like to have!

The projects I’m really excited about are… 

Baking 5
Secret Santa 5
Movies 5
Ice skating 5
Tree/room decorating 4
Beach picnic / BBQ 4
Christmas games 3
Holiday related prizes 3
Theme Park 3
Swimming pools 3
Art 1
Create songs 1
See Christmas lights 1
Make cards 1
Roller skating 1
Disco 1
Jump / Gravity 1
Sports Day 1

these are some of the ideas for mana ako to do on christmas

How to fall

Today for literacy , dahl and i did some reading in this book called how to fall, its not actually about falling over its about this girl whos parents split up and she has to move away from her father and sister, she has to watch her auntys roller skating game, and get taught how to skate her mother and aunty support her through the whole thing.

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Fresh Gallery Ōtara


Last week the Mana Ako club went to the Fresh Gallery Ōtara, the exhibitions Dema and Rachel of the Fresh Gallery Ōtara had set up art area for us to do this art is called collage art. This art is made from layering art from cut out magazine peaces, glue, cardboard or paper it is really fun at the Fresh Gallery Ōtara.

Really recommend going there, Dema and Rachel are really nice people, I rate this five stars.

Can i also note that this is my first art gallery I have been to.