how different we get to school vs other people get to school

how different we get to school vs other people get to school!. this week we were watching how other people get to school. We watched two videos so far because  they were so long. We watched kids from nepal go to school and that was really cool to see how they got to school but it was also dangerous. It takes them 2 hours to get to school. Their school starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. The second video is moscow russia they take 2 hours as well. over their it is -50 that I have seen those to videos I realise that when children leave their home in auckland the parents  don’t  have to worry but in other countries they worry so much they don’t even want to send their children to school. and it only takes us a few minutes to get to school.That’s it today I hope you have a very great day. bye.





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