Today for literacy I did Similes, Similes are like comparing two things together, (ex: the baby had the energy like a cheetah or the baby was as soft as a bunny) I had really enjoyed doing this and I hope you had enjoyed seeing my work, please leave a positive comment on my blog!.

Problem Solving!!

Problem Solving!, today for maths we did problem solving (exp:Mr.Wiseman had 100$ to give to 10 kids, how much money does he give to each child?? here’s the solution: 100÷10=10, because 10×10= 100) I really enjoyed doing these slides that the teachers had provided us, please leave a positive comment on my blog, I hope you have a great day.


Team 5 had some free choices of writing to pick from, This is what I decided to do,

This week and this day I decided to learn about verbs, I had started to understand the verbs witch are action words.

please leave a positive comment on  my blog. have a great day bye.

Describe this character

These characters were based on rock, paper and scissors. rock was lonely at first but when he spotted paper his heart was in love, he looked across the land and saw scissors after paper so rock wanted to help her, he tried to take her hand but his hand  started to crumble  so he told her to follow him , they came across to a dead end and scissors caught up, paper tries to defend herself but got hurt and knocked out, so rock joined in and stopped scissors from getting to her more, scissors attacked rock, rock got angry and jump smashed scissors, rock carried paperback to the other side crumbling step by step.